For our customers who have paid via Certifikid or by another payment method, you can use this registration method since your payment has already been made. ALL FIELDS ARE REQUIRED. Please review your form before submission and you will receive a confirmation email.

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By checking here, I hereby give my child permission to participate in QuickFeet Soccer for Kids. I understand that soccer is a competitive sport that may run the risk of injuries. I agree to hold QuickFeet, sponsors, and othe members involved harmless from all liability associated with my child.

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By checking here, I hereby give permission for any medical attention to be administered to my child in the case of any accident, injury, sickness, and or any medical occurrence until such time that I may be contacted. I also assume responsibility for any such treatment.

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By checking here, I agree to permit QuickFeet to photograph my child during soccer activities with their classmattes for the sole purpose of marketing (You do have the option to opt our by no checking on the box)