Classes and Camps

QuickFeet will provide the soccer balls, cones, goals, and all of the equipment. 

Mini-Mighty Kicks Program (2 years old)

This parent participation class uses a variety of props and games to engage toddlers in participation activities. Simple motor skills are stressed. We play games such as red-light, green light. Turtle/Rabbit, and games where the kids dribble the soccer ball and kick the cones down.

Mighty Kicks Program (3 years old)
We use a variety of fun games to develop balance, movement, and motor skills. We teach kicking, running control, and dribbling as well as listening and following instructions. We use a variety of fun games with lots of physical activity. Very active and fun.

Super Mighty Kicks Program (4-5 years old)
This class mixes skill development with actual small-sided games. It is geared to give kids lots of “touches” on the ball. Emphasis is on developing an enjoyment of physical activity and the game of soccer. No score is kept.

Super-Super Mighty Kicks Program (6-7 years old) 
This class mixes skill development with actual small-sided games. It is geared to help the children to improve their technical training skills. Emphasis is on developing an enjoyment of physical activity and the game of soccer. No score is kept.

Equipment Needed:
**Please note – children 2 – 3 years old are not required to wear shin-guards and soccer cleats. Children 4-7 years old are required to wear shin-guards and cleats.

  • Athletic Attire required – t-shirt, shorts or jacket/sweater, sweatpants.
  • Indoor = Shin-guards, Running Shoes or Indoor Soccer Shoes.
  • Outdoor = Shin-guards, Socks that cover the shin-guards, and Soccer cleats

QuickFeet will provide the soccer balls for training ONLY. Since QuickFeet manufacturers, its own soccer balls, participants are prohibited from bringing soccer balls to practice.

Locations to Purchase Equipment

  • Target
  • Modell’s Sporting Goods Store
  • Walmart
  • Angelo’s Soccer Corner

Basic Rules (please review these rules!)

  1. Soccer shoes, shin-guards, and socks must be worn at all times.
  2. No jeans, no hats, no American football jerseys, or no attire that does not resemble the mark of a soccer player. (If you have any questions regarding soccer attire, please do not hesitate to email or call us: or 301-613-9065.

Lost and Found
All of your child’s belongings should be clearly labeled with his/her name. QuickFeet is not responsible for lost items. Unclaimed items will be donated at the end of the classes.

Do not send your child to a clinic session if he/she is not feeling well and/or has a fever. We do not have the facilities or staff available to care for them. If a child becomes ill at a clinic or has a fever, parents (or, if parents are unavailable, friends listed on the emergency form) will be contacted and asked to take the child home ASAP. For insurance and safety reasons, no medication will be administered by a staff person unless special arrangements are made in writing with QuickFeet. Please discuss any special health considerations (physical, emotional, social, psychological, learning, behavioral, etc.) for your child with QuickFeet. It is extremely important that we are aware of your child’s needs.

Emergency Procedures
Upon enrolling children, parents are asked to provide detailed information concerning each child’s health, including chronic illness or condition, allergies, susceptibility to disease or injury, and any other medical considerations. Copies of these forms are kept confidential and on site.

In case of illness, accidental injury, or emergency during the clinic, the clinic staff will contact parents at home or at work immediately. We also ask parents to provide us with the numbers of relatives, friends, or neighbors in the event we are unable to contact them (parents) during clinic hours.

In the case of serious medical or health emergencies, clinic officials will contact a local hospital for personal advice, or, if needed, ambulance service and/or treatment by a physician. Parents are asked to provide us with information concerning emergency treatment preferences.
Each child must have an EMERGENCY FORM on file prior to the first day of the clinic. We cannot admit children into the clinic without this form.

Communicable Diseases
Please do not send your child to the clinic with a communicable disease. Such diseases spread with alarming speed in a clinic setting and we need your help to ensure the health of all of our participants. This is especially a concern with head lice or symptoms of head lice: if your child is scratching their scalp more than usual, check for ticks.
If your child or other family members have contracted communicable diseases, you must inform the Clinic Director about (a) what disease your child has/had come in contact with (i.e. chicken pox, measles), (b) probable date contracted and where, (c) what the symptoms are, (d) what the treatment is, and (e) any other pertinent information such as periods of incubation and communicability, name of treating physician, when your child will return to the clinic, etc. Any child who has been absent from the clinic due to a communicable disease will be readmitted only with a physician’s and clinic administrator’s approval.

Enrollment Agreement & Statement Information

  • A receipt will be sent via mail, email, or fax once the payment on the clinic has been received by QuickFeet. Participants must pay in full prior to the clinic.
  • A $25 fee will be charged for returned (N.S.F.) checks – future payments must then be made in cash, money orders or bank/cashier checks.

Cancellation Policy

  • No Refunds!