15 Questions and Answers to know and determine whether this residential camp is the right fit.

1)  What is the camp’s philosophy?

A: Our camp’s philosophy is on development. We have a camp plan in place to ensure that development occurs every time a player steps onto the soccer field, in the pool, or in the gym. Competition at the camp is highly encouraged and we stick by the US National Team Coach Jurgen Klinsman’s philosophy that regardless of age players must train at full speed.

2)  How does the camp train and recruit its staff?

A: Our camp looks to attract the best youth soccer developmental coaches around the country. All staff coaches must carry a minimum USSF “C” of NSCAA “National Diploma” coaching license. All coaches must also be seasoned. We do not recruit current college players or high school soccer players to  work our camps.

3)  Are the coaches qualified and can you make special requests?

A: We understand that your experience will be greatly influenced by your coach, which is why we only accept coaching applications from coaches with a proven track record of player development. Many of our coaches bring their teams into the camp and players can specially request their current head coach to work with them. Otherwise, we do encourage all players to work with various coaches as our staff is top of the line.

4)  What does a typical daily schedule look like?


Typical Residential Camp Day
6:00 am Wake-up
6:15 am Light Breakfast (Fruits, Water)
6:30 am Running
7:15 am Breakfast

9:00 am Warm-up

9:30 am Technical Training (Dribbling, Passing, Receiving)

11:45 am Clean-up/Set-up

12:00 pm Lunch/Rest

1:00 pm Mind/Body Connection (Yoga/TaiChi)
or Swimming

2:00 pm Fun Competition/World Cup (Soccer Tennis)

3:15 pm Tactical Presentation

5:15 pm Dinner

6:30 pm World Cup (7 v 7 games)

7:30 pm Social (Soccer Movie)

9:30 pm Bed Time

5) Who attends the camp?

A: The camp looks to attract advanced soccer players. The camp ranges from ages 9 – 14, but players are divided into groups by age and gender. In the past we have attracted players throughout the  entire Eastern Region from Maine to Florida to attend the camp.

6) What is the ratio of coaches/camp staffers?

A: 8:1. We believe in small groups so that staffers can help players to improve on any mistakes that they are making or any bad habits that they have developed over the years.

7) How are the facilities?

A: Bowie State features air-conditioned dormitories, top quality dining, a pool, gymnasium, and one artificial turf field and one fescue grass field. Bowie St. is an extremely safe campus and campus staff drive the 356 acre facility 24 hours a day. Players will have the opportunity to play until 8:30 pm on the fields.

8) What extra-curricular activities are offered?

A: Campers will have the opportunity to play table games in the gamer-room, go to the pool,  take  in a movie in the dorms, and partake in a talent show. It is not mandatory that campers partake in any extra-curricular activities, but it is encouraged, as it is an opportunity to interact and make new friends. Coaches will also take part in all extra-curricular activities.

9) What do campers take home?

A: Campers will have the opportunity to win awards for the Most Valuable Camper, Most Improved Camper, Most Outstanding Camper, and several more awards. In addition to winning a special award, each camper will receive a participation trophy/medal. All campers will also receive player evaluations from their camp coaches. The evaluation form will include: areas for improvement, recommendations for college level of play (14 and up).

10) Are references and testimonials available?

A: Absolutely! See the following…

“This camp was a fun time and a great learning experience.”
– Jenn Smith, Girls U-11 – New Jersey

“A great way to get to know other members of our club and develop your stamina, speed, and technical skills on the ball!” – Thomas Haugabrook, Boys U-14 – Pennsylvania

“At the end of the week you will know it was a great camp….you will be faster, stronger, and too tired to do anything else…awesome!” – Jeremy Ludge, Boys U-13 – Maryland

“Way to go Coaches! The kids seemed to have worked hard while they had fun. That’s not easy to pull off!” – Tina Kennedy, Parent of Girls U-13 player – Virginia

“The best camp EVER! We had alot of fun. It is more fun when you can juggle and master different moves.” – John Lewis, Boys U-15 – Maryland

11) What medical staff and resources are available?

A: We have a Registered Nurse on staff during the week-long camp who will initiate medicine to those who require it. We will also have a Fitness Instructor on staff who is also a licensed Physical Therapist and can assist with injuries.

12) Is the camp accredited and licensed?

A: QuickFeet Soccer has operated for 6 years and is licensed in the state of Maryland, accredited and in good standing by the Maryland State Youth Soccer Association, and is insured through K&K Insurance.

13) Is travel assistance available?

A: Unfortunately, no travel assistance isn’t available.  Campers are responsible for their own source of transportation to the residential camp.

14) What is the refund policy?

A: Do to upfront cost for lodging, food, and other amenities there are no refunds once a camper has applied and paid for the camp.

15) Are all staff members subject to background checks?

A: Absolutely! All staff members are required to complete a background check through www.ncsisafe.com.