1. Are shin-guards required in training?

Shin-guards are not required for 2-3 year olds, but, they are required for children 4 years old and up.

2. How long are the training sessions?

Training sessions are determined by the age of the player. 2 year olds will train for 30 minutes, 3 year olds will train for 35 minutes, 4-5 year olds will train for 40 minutes.

3. What is the dress code?

Children can wear whatever color they would like just as long as it is athletic attire. No jeans are allowed. Soccer cleats are required for children 4 and up.

4. What is the weather policy?

We will contact you via email and a one call message if soccer is cancelled for the day. You can also check the website. Each class has one make-up session that will either take place the following week, or at a time and date to be determined by the instructor.

5. Will my child be provided with a uniform? 

We do not supply uniforms, but we do provide each player with a soccer jersey that must be warn at each training session.

6. Are there make-up dates for classes? 

We will make up classes in case of inclement weather, but, if your child voluntarily misses a class without you notifying us prior, then there will be no make-up sessions offered.