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QuickFeet’s Mission

QuickFeet was established for the purpose of developing an environment where kids starting at the age of 2 regardless of skill-set can develop a passion and love for the sport all around the basis of having fun.

Our mission is to uplift the confidence of a child and prepare him or her for whichever sport or activity they choose to pursue .

QuickFeet’s Expectations

QuickFeet expects kids to:

To enjoy, have fun, and learn

What to expect from QuickFeet:

An environment where quality trainers have dedicated over 50 years of playing, coaching, and growing the sport of soccer in America, and now want to pass it on to the next generation.

A great opportunity to join a community of kids who are learning and exploring the fun in the sport of soccer.

A dedicated staff to coordinate all off the field and on the field activities, to teach the game of soccer.