QuickFeet’s Philosophy

QuickFeet was established for the purpose of developing an environment where players of all ages and skill levels can develop a passion for the sport. More advanced players are given highly specialized attention and are encouraged to develop a greater will and desire to take their game to the next level.  With college tuition on the rise and competition to get into good schools continuing to become tougher and tougher, personalized training can be an investment in your child’s future; an investment that could yield better schools and better financial aid offers, in addition to the benefits of becoming a better soccer player.

For players to reach “A Higher Standard” is our mission. We want all players to enjoy their experience in our programs as we provide them with the tools to pursue increasingly better opportunities that success in the sport of soccer can offer.


QuickFeet’s Expectations

QuickFeet expects players to:

  1. Stay committed to the program. We demand that our students set goals and with our help, see those goals to their fruition.  Finish what you start!
  2. Become students of the game. Stay focused on what must be done on the training grounds to give yourself and your teammates the best opportunities to be successful.
  3. Approach training in a respectful and professional manner.

What to expect from QuickFeet:

  1. An environment where quality trainers who have dedicated over 25 years to playing, coaching and growing the sport of soccer in America, provide detailed professional instructions for young players driven to take the next step.
  2. A great opportunity to join a community of soccer players focused on reaching individual goals together.
  3. A dedicated staff to coordinate all relations, and accomplished trainers who will get the most out of each player. Players: come prepared to train hard, to become more focused and in tune with the development of your skills, and to work to get the most out of the program. Parents: sit back, relax, and watch your kid develop and take his or her game to another level.