QuickFeet’s Mission

QuickFeet was established for the purpose of developing an environment where student-athletes of all ages and skill levels can develop a passion and love for the sport.

For student-athletes, to reach “A Higher Standard” is our mission. We want all student-athletes to enjoy their experience in our programs as we provide them with the tools to pursue opportunities that success in the sport of soccer can offer.

QuickFeet’s Expectations

QuickFeet expects student-athletes to:

  1. To enjoy, have fun, and learn.
  2. Become students of the game.
  3. Approach training in a respectful and professional manner.

What to expect from QuickFeet:

  1. An environment where quality trainers have dedicated over 35 years to playing, coaching, and growing the sport of soccer in America.
  2. A great opportunity to join a community of student-athletes who are learning and exploring the beautiful game of soccer.
  3. A dedicated staff to coordinate all off the field and on the field affairs, and accomplished trainers who will teach the game of soccer.