Education Counseling

Educational Consulting Firms

College Ready Soccer works with many Educational Consulting Firms throughout the country. These firms will help assist you and your child with guidance to Independent and Private Schools in your area. Some Public Schools are effective, but Independent schools can be a great tool to help your child to receive a quality education all while excelling at the sport of soccer. Please see below the Educational Consulting Firms that we have partnered with.

Tedeschi Educational Consulting, LLC (www.pmtedcon.com)

Tedeschi Educational Consulting provides an insightful, caring approach to help students maximize their potential. Our goal is to ensure that each student thrives in his or her school and enjoys the educational process. Through a perceptive assessment of each student’s unique strengths, talents, values and needs, we are able to match each student with a school to bring out the best in him or her. We have years of experience in the field of education and are constantly enhancing this knowledge through continual school visits. We look forward to navigating the admission process with you and your child.

Metropolitan Educational Consulting Group (www.mec-group.org)

Metropolitan Educational Consulting Group, LLC (MEC Group) provides educational consulting to families and students pre-kindergarten through high school. At MEC Group, we believe that every family and child has a unique story. We take the time to listen carefully and offer our clients individualized service throughout the admissions process.

Independent Schools Options (www.independentschooloptions.com)

Choosing a school for your son or daughter can be an overwhelming experience. During this time of exploration, you not only learn about the many different educational options in the area but you also learn a great deal about your child and your family. Answering questions from the long range, “What kind of education should my child receive?” to the short range, “How do I get my child to school in rush hour traffic at 8:15 am and is lunch provided?” can become a daunting task without the objective guidance of an educational consultant. Independent School Options will provide that guidance by developing a comfortable and positive relationship with your child and family while sorting through the different education options available.