College Prep Academy (HS Students)

QuickFeet Soccer College Prep Program
1. Is your child a talented athlete?
2. Does your child want to attend college?
3. Does your child want to play collegiate sports?

The college preparation process can be both rewarding and agonizing. Many parents believe that if their child is a talented soccer player, then colleges will be knocking on their door offering scholarships. However, this is not how it works for all players. If coaches are not coming to you then it is time that WE go to them and market you. This is where the QuickFeet Soccer College Prep program can help and here is how:

Here is how we will help guide you through the process:

QuickFeet Soccer Prep Student-Athlete Services
• Review the NCAA guide for college bound student-athletes.
• Use the core courses worksheet for the NCAA guide and set specific academic goals.
• Determine your estimated family contribution to familiarize yourself with the financial aid process.
• Begin ACT/SAT preparation
• Apply to your choice of colleges or universities

• Build a list of realistic schools options based on your qualifications.
• Build a Resume and Cover Letter to present to college coaches.
• Start a log to keep track of communications with colleges.
• Register with the NCAA or NAIA eligibility center and make sure your high school counselor sends his/her transcript at the end of junior year.
• Create a highlight or skills video.
• Plan official or unofficial visits to schools. Always contact coaches beforehand.

Service package starting at $249 $149 per month (limited offer through 4/1/2017)  for unlimited access to QuickFeet Soccer College Prep Agent. Contact jreid@quickfeetsoccertraining.com or contact 301-613-9065 for further information.