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Please list any and all qualifications that relates to volunteering with QuickFeet. Please include any and all coaching and playing experience which you feel will be of value to your contribution here at QuickFeet. Be as specific as possible.

Please list any special skills, training, certifications, and/or licenses you have.

Please list any previous coaching and/or volunteer experience.

In Which Area at QuickFeet Would You Like To Volunteer (This question is required)

Rank the positions, below using the stars, in order of priority with 7 being the highest and 1 being the lowest. If you are only interested in one position, only select stars for that position.

Assistant Soccer Coach is a very important area and will require a pre-interview with the Head Trainer. Teams coached by QuickFeet are aged between 3-18, so a background and fingerprint check is required. Practices are usually 2-3 times a week, and requires a full commitment. This is a great way to gain soccer coaching experience in hopes of attaining a position at QuickFeet.

Assistant Soccer Trainer will assist full-time trainers with all clinics, small group training, personal training, team training, etc. Requires background and fingerprinting check prior to service(s). Services usually run between 6-12 weeks at various locations in MD, DC, and VA. This is a great opportunity to attain a position at QuickFeet.

Camp Volunteers assist with setting up tents, preparing water for players, and assisting medical trainer with sports injuries. Great opportunity to be involved in soccer, help players, and learn from our medical staff.

Education Volunteers help players keep up with their homework assignments, and providing assistance for studying for test. Great opportunity for future teachers to not only get work done, but, to also gain the experience of working with students hands on.

For Medical Trainers, this is a great opportunity to earn experience as an intern. Looks good on a resume, and provides great experience for those who wish to study physical therapy as a bachelor's degree or master's degree in college. Trainer may become eligible to attain a full-time position at QuickFeet.

Mentors work with players on and off of the field, and helping them to balance school, soccer, and their social life. Great opportunity to become a candidate to work in QuickFeet's Soccer Life Coaching program.

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