1-833-QCK-FEET (725-3338)

Bryd Family, Ft. Washington, MD


Thank you for your help and your dedication to the kids and the game of soccer.
Tucker Family, District Heights, MD


Thanks to you and your coaches for sharing your skills and time with our son.
Brown Family, Upper Marlboro, MD


I have been satisfied with the level of excellence your organization models. Our son is only working within the parameters of the framework that is set.
Revell Family, District Heights, MD


Thanks you so much for your patience and professionalism; I look forward to working with your group again soon.
Robinson Family, Ft. Washington, MD


First let me start off by saying that you guys did and wonderful job this year in training all the kids. I have seen how my kids have improved at the game as well as the overall attention span of Derrick.
Anderson Family, Ft. Washington, MD


“Lloyd and I think you’re doing a FABULOUS job with the boys! He commented that the boys get better and better as a team with each game. In addition, I’m observing more CONFIDENCE displayed by all the boys! What a wonderful trait to have instilled in your team. My compliments!”
Mayuga Family, Upper Marlboro, MD


“Just so you know, Noah is always running around the house with his soccer ball (at his feet) and Jacob is determined to be a soccer player! Thank you to all of you, the way you “do soccer” has given our boys a love for it!”
Carignan Family, Upper Marlboro, MD


“I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you on behalf of my husband and I for introducing the sport of soccer to our son Jahray. “Ray” seems to enjoy the sport and it means a great deal to us for two main reasons. One, his father is an avid soccer fan and was a powerful soccer player during his childhood and early adulthood in Jamaica and two, we had “Ray” try his hand at basketball clinics last year to no avail. He didn’t seem to get the same joy out of basketball as he seems to be getting from soccer. To be quite frank, he didn’t participate nearly as much in basketball as he is doing at soccer.”
Nash Family, Laurel, MD


“My two boys enjoyed it, they had so much fun, every week they were looking forward to the class. The QuickFeet staff really made it enjoyable for the kids.”
Cathy Wisnowski, Silver Spring, MD


“My 4-year old had a great time. It was a great introductory clinic for him.”
Jackie Falanga, Columbia, MD


“QuickFeet is the best soccer training business in the Washington , DC Metropolitan area, no doubt about it! The trainers are top of the line and they understand the game as it is played in the 21 st century. There knowledge of the game is so amazing, they understand how the game is played, and that is fast, pass move, and pass move. My son has had coaches and trainers, but, none like these group of guys. In the past my son played on teams where one player made all the throw-ins, took all of the kicks, and scored all the goals. The team won, but, the rest of the team did not develop, and by the next season, they could not compete against the better competition. So we all got together and decided to hire QuickFeet Soccer Training, and the guys made a huge difference in the way the team played and learned, and we have no plans of looking for a new coach anytime soon.”
John Roberts, Washington, DC


“The QuickFeet staff are top of the line trainers. They understand what it takes to develop each player and all different types of levels. They have helped to improve my daughter’s technical skills and ball control. I am very happy with them, and my daughter and I are looking forward to working with them more in the future.”
Derrick Figueroa, Potomac, MD


“During my trials and tribulations as an athlete, I have been asked many times what drills I have personally followed to make myself a better soccer player, and the answer is, QuickFeet. Following their drills have made me a better and more comfortable player on the ball and it has equipped me with the confidence to challenge players on the field in one on one situations. My soccer career has brought me many things such as a scholarship to a Division 1 university, scoring titles, and a very exciting professional experience, and I credit all of these accomplishments to the exact exercises that are conducted at the QuickFeet Soccer Training.”
Damien Pottinger, Midfielder St. Louis Steamers of the Major Indoor Soccer League


“All of the coaches whom have had a great impact on my skill and love of the game have used the techniques that are used by QuickFeet. Technical ability is very important in the game of soccer and various possession games used by QuickFeet help to build these skills. Knowledge of the game is also vital to a young player and QuickFeet stresses this by helping players know key roles that each position should play; as well as giving them a sense of stability through teamwork. I have used many of the same drills and techniques to develop my game as QuickFeet uses in their training sessions. These drills along with hard work and determination are what takes players to the next level; such as a high school player to a Division 1 college player, or a college player to a professional player. The staff is also very knowledgeable and helpful at giving players the confidence and drive they need [for players to] improve their game. Overall I feel that QuickFeet can help teams and players reach the goals that they set for themselves in the game of soccer.”
Edward Hayden, Defender
Richmond Kickers of the A-League


“I fell in love with the early morning and late afternoon training I was exposed to. I would be constantly trained to perfect the basics. The drills I grew up on were those that can be described as QuickFeet Soccer Training. These drills and experiences led me to develop a passion, [and] a skill level that has led to a certain confidence on and off the field that in turn has led me to accomplish many of my goals and dreams. From my personal experience I can truly say that QuickFeet has always been a first class organization whose goals and ambitions of the staff revolve around passing on their knowledge and valuable experiences. I would highly recommend QuickFeet Soccer Training to anyone who is ready to take their game to the next level.”
Andre Ornoch, Midfielder
Lombard Papa Football Club of the Borsodi Liga ( Hungary’s Premier League)